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This is my recommended approach for clients who need business plans.  My taking an active role in researching and writing business plans, clients can talk to their plan when meeting with banks and investors.  Keep in mind that banks, in particular, would rather loan money to a business with "A" management and "B" products or services than "B" management and "A" products or services.  And when talking about management it is not just skilled in the specific area of the business; but skilled in running and managing any business.  So in depth knowledge in all areas of your business (as opposed to top level which is what many entrepreneurs are when they have a third party research and write their business plans) can be demonstrated when you participate in the researching and writing of your business plan.

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Price: $1,250 (for individuals who have taken my course); $1,750 for all others.

Business Plan Writing Strategic Planning
Procedure & Process Optimization

Business Plan Mentoring
Entrepreneurship Mentoring
Sales & Customer Service Training
Elevator Pitch

Market Research
(surveys, focus groups shops)
Branding Strategies
Procedure Manual Writing

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