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  • Every entrepreneur should have an elevator speech (sometimes called elevator pitch)
  • The premise of an elevator speech is: you find yourself in an elevator with someone who could become an important client for your business
  • You have a few floors only to get that person interested in talking to you more at a later time to conduct business
  • If you are not successful in 30 seconds or so, the door will open, the person will leave and you may never see that person again, so its an opportunity lost
  • The elements of an elevator speech are:

o        Opens with a hook in the form of a statement or question that piques interest

         Example for a personal services business: We do the all things you dont want to do so you have the time to do all the things you want to do

o        Consists of about 150 to 225 words that can be said in about 30 seconds

o        Is spoken with passion and energy

o        Ends by asking for something (a business card, a referral, an appointment)

o        After hearing your elevator speech, the audience at a minimum should know:

         What your product or service is

         Who your market is

         Why they should use your company

         Who you and your company are

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