Company name:   DTR Inc.
Date established:   December, 1994
Type of business:   Business consulting and mentoring

Location:   Delray Beach, Florida
CEO:   Mr. Jay Goldberg

JAY GOLDBERG's Career Highlights 

Developed a work readiness/customer service/ethics training program called the best work readiness certification program in the United States by a representative of the National Skills Standard Board in January of 2003.

Former 13-year Citibank Executive (Service Director); is an expert in all areas of service delivery.  Developed a bankcard customer service profitability model that quantified revenue earned by providing superior customer service.

Former Program Manager for the Palm Beach County Resource Center, an Economic Development Not for Profit Corporation which helped small businesses grow and become financially successful.

Former Board of Director member for the Florida Small Business Initiative, a Not-For-Profit Corporation set up to introduce minority and women businesses to government bid opportunities.

Jay Goldberg, MBA, is a former Service Director for Citibank  (Vice President position).  At Citibank, Mr. Goldberg specialized in customer service management, measurement, training, capacity planning, profitability, MIS reporting, and strategic planning. 

After thirteen plus years with Citibank, Mr. Goldberg left to form his own consulting firm, DTR Inc.  DTR Inc. specializes in writing business plans, strategic planning, developing workplace training programs, designing and implementing customer service strategies, performing market research (e.g., surveys, focus groups, etc.), mentoring entrepreneurs, training managers and employees and more.

JAY GOLDBERG's Career Highlights 

Developed a revolutionary entrepreneurship/ management/sales training program (S.E.E.K.) that resulted in participants not only learning new skills, but completing customized work products in class that they were able to implement in their workplace.  Program was reviewed by Senior Management at Bank of America who provided grants for small business owners to enroll in the program.

Published author of the highly-acclaimed work readiness and entrepreneurship books. "How to Get, Keep and Be Well Paid in a Job" and "Building a Successful Business"  both  received five-star reviews from the Midwest Book Review an entity libraries rely on to order books.

Developed and Teaches courses on entrepreneurship, business plans, web site development, presentation skills (includes how to use PowerPoint), customer service skills, Zig Ziglar sales skills, work readiness skills and more.

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