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DTR Inc. has expertise in all areas of market research.  Including:


  • Developing effective surveys from both a flow and question structure viewpoint (poor surveys provide incorrect results and lead to bad business decisions based on those results)
  • Ensuring proper sample sizes are used (sample risk and sample error)
  • Ensuring the proper population is used for generating a random sample
  • Analyzing survey results

Focus Groups

  • Use of a skilled facilitator
  • Generate non-leading questions
  • Ensure that the results are used properly (small sample size)
  • Final report containing complete details and insightful analyses

"Shopping" (fake customers interacting with business)

  • Used as audits of how the business is performing from its customers' perspectives
  • Developing "shop" scenarios
  • Training/screening "shoppers"
  • Dual "shopping" purpose - audits and employee training (open book "shops")
  • Report on "shop" results

Market Test

  • To demonstrate demand for your product or service
  • To ensure your business model, pricing structure, etc. works before investing a lot of money in a full roll out

Price varies based on client needs.

Business Plan Writing Strategic Planning
Procedure & Process Optimization

Business Plan Mentoring
Entrepreneurship Mentoring
Sales & Customer Service Training
Elevator Pitch

Market Research
(surveys, focus groups shops)
Branding Strategies
Procedure Manual Writing

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