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DTR Inc.'s business plan service is a combination of writing a business plan and helping develop business strategies.

If you just want a basic business plan because you are going for a bank loan and have the collateral and credit score required, you are better served using a less expensive resource.

However, if you want a business plan that is also:

  • a feasibility study to ensure you will make the money you need in your new business to cover both business and your personal expenses;
  • a process that will help you think outside the box to generate business strategies that will work;
  • a tool to help develop benchmarks so you will know how well your business is progressing;
  • a tool to help you grow in a way that will ensure success by avoiding bad business decisions;
  • a tool to help you identify areas where you will need ongoing support to ensure business success;
  • a tool to help improve your business management skills;
  • a document that will help you attract investors and unconventional financial partners;

then DTR Inc. is the company for you.

Price range: $7,500 to $10,000.

Business Plan Writing Strategic Planning
Procedure & Process Optimization

Business Plan Mentoring
Entrepreneurship Mentoring
Sales & Customer Service Training
Elevator Pitch

Market Research
(surveys, focus groups shops)
Branding Strategies
Procedure Manual Writing

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