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DTR Inc. CEO, Jay Goldberg is an expert in the areas of service delivery, measurement, strategic planning, training, and management.  Most managers (owners) believe they know service because in addition to working they are also customers of other businesses and have their own service expectations.

However, customer service is a science and few businesses approach service delivery utilizing a sound strategic plan.  In fact, many businesses employ service strategies they believe to be beneficial, but are really poor business decisions.  

While some look at customer service as a necessary expense, it is really a way for a business to increase profits.  When employed by Citibank, Mr. Goldberg generated a Bankcard Customer Service Profitability Model that quantified revenues generated by providing superior service.  During that study, research performed by Mr. Goldberg showed that if a customer had a problem, but that problem was resolved quickly and satisfactory, 80% of those customers continued to do business with the bank in the same manner as before their problem.  Even better, many of those customers shared their terrific service experience with others which turned a bad customer experience into positive word of mouth.

On the flip side, customers whose problems were not resolved quickly or satisfactorily, reduced their usage of the bank's product significantly and shared their "horror story" with others, turning a bad situation into negative word of mouth impacting additional current/potential customers.

Mr. Goldberg helps clients:

  • Develop a "profit model" around service delivery
  • Install proper customer service practices and policies (internal and external customers)
  • Set service standards
  • Generate capacity plans to ensure service standards are met
  • Train staff on customer service
  • Define and implement service measurements (individual and departmental)
  • Develop recognition programs for employees delivering superior customer service
  • Much more