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1. Purchase the discounted Instructor Book using code xxxxxxxxxxxx to review the program (limited time offer).
2. Choose one of the initial packages (click program materials); which you choose determines your future price on classroom copies)
3. Determine your strategy for the exercises in the book (which are competencies, use each individually, use the exercise questions in each section as one competency)
4. Set the pass/fail level for the competency exercises.
5. Review the Key Concepts Reviewed Section and develop your approach (competency, in-class exercise only, etc.) for your section review question and answer session with your participants.
5. Review the competency statements in the book and determine which ones you will be using in your program; and, when applicable, customize them with your pass/fail criteria.  Many of the competency statements are for the program as a whole whereby the participants must demonstrate good soft skills throughput the program in order to get a certification.
6. Generate your questi
ons for the four certification tests (one for each section - Workplace Basics, Workplace Skills, People Skills, Customer Service).  There are two scenarios in each section where things go right and things go wrong.  These scenarios serve as the basis for the certification test.  There are examples in the book on the type of questions that can be generated from the scenarios.  There are no test questions in the book to help keep the integrity of those tests.  Down the line there may be an online certification test site.  As an alternative to a certification test, the scenarios can be used as read and discuss exercises.
7. Determine the pass/fail grade for the certification tests.
8. It is important that to become certified that the participants pass ALL competencies and that only participants who pass all competencies get certified.  The main client for the program should be the business community.  The need to be able to rely on the meaning of certification.  If they can, your graduates will become valuable to them, and those businesses will look to hire people with your certification.
9. If you need help with these steps, DTR Inc. has a fee for coming to your site for a week, helping you set up your program, and training your teachers.

ALL TESTS and EXERCISES SHOULD BE OPEN BOOK.  That is why it is highly recommended that the participants keep their books.  It will then become a reference book they can use on the job.  Keeping the books also allows the participants to fill out the worksheets in the book itself (these are not the exercises, but are items that help the participants determine their strengths and weaknesses with plans on how they will work on their weaknesses).

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